Group 23 EMS 2 Electrical fault tracing
Checking sensor, oil pressure
Check of oil pressure function
1. Turn off engine
2. Disconnect the oil pressure sensor connector
block and connect the 4-pin adapter 9998534 be-
tween the oil pressure sensor’s connector unit and
the engine cable harness. Then connect the multi-
meter 9510060 between measurement points 1–4.
3. Turn on the control voltage.
4. Measure with the multimeter set to voltage mea-
surement. Check that the multimeter shows 5.0
5. Now connect the multimeter between measure-
ment points 2-4. Voltage should be about 0.5 V at
normal atmospheric pressure.
Check of sensors, camshaft
and flywheel
The speed sensors for the camshaft and flywheel are
identical. For visual checking, first remove the sensor
from the engine. Then remove the connection block
and check that the sensor is not damaged and that no
swarf/filings have stuck to the sensor.
The induction test is performed as follows:
1. Set multimeter 9510060 to resistance measure-
ment. Measure with the multimeter on the connec-
tion pins. The resistance should be within
775–945 Ω.
2. Pass a metal object quickly and closely by the
sensor. Check that the multimeter reacts. When
replacing and installing sensor, make sure that
any spacing shims are refitted.

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