Group 23 EMS 2 Electrical fault tracing
Checking combined sensor,
oil level/oil temperature
Check of oil level function
1. Remove connector block from the oil level sensor.
2. Measure using multimeter 9510060 between the
sensor contact pins 1–2.
The multimeter should show 11.7 - 12.9 Ω
at 22° C (72° F).
Check of oil temperature function
1. Remove the connector to the oil temperature sen-
2. Connect the 4-pin adapter 9998534 between
the oil pressure sensor connector and engine har-
3. Measure with multimeter 9510060 adjusted to
measure resistance between the adapter mea-
surement points 3–4.
The multimeter should show the following values:
1520 Ω ± 126 Ω 25° C (77° F)
378 Ω ± 23 Ω 60 °C (140 °F)
104 Ω ± 4 Ω 100 °C (212 °F)
NOTE: Even if the resistance values in the table abo-
ve are met, this is no guarantee that the sensor is not
Check of sensor,
coolant level
1. Empty the expansion tank from coolant.
WARNING! NEVER open the expansion tank
pressure cap when the engine is hot, hot coolant
can be sprayed out and cause severe burns.
2. Release the connector block from the coolant
level sensor.
3. Check that the switch is activated and that it
sends a signal when the expansion tank is
4. Then fill the expansion tank with coolant
and check that the resistance is infinite.

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