Group 23 EMS 2 Electrical fault tracing
Fault tracing starter motor and
If the voltage level measured across the battery is
less than 24.7V, the starter motor will not be able to
crank the engine at normal speed.
Voltage measurement check
1. Check that the voltage across the battery is at
least 24.7V unloaded, by measuring across the
battery terminals with multimeter 9510060.
2. Turn on the main circuit breaker.
3. check that the voltage between terminals 30 and
31 on the starter motor is the same as the bat-
The specification for the starter motor brushes
is given below.
Brush condition
New = 23 mm (0,91")
Replace at = 13 mm (0,51")
Fault tracing unit injectors
Fault symptom
Engine runs unevenly or has reduce performance.
The fault symptom above can have several
Faulty sensor signals
Worn piston rings
Blocked air filter
Poor fuel
Water in fuel
Air in fuel
Exhaust pressure too high
Blocked fuel system
Low fuel pressure
Incorrect valve clearances
Defective unit injector
Start of piston seizure (engine failure)

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