Group 23 EMS 2 Electrical system
Electrical system
Important information -
electrical system
Important! Turn the engine off and turn off the
power at the main switch(es) before carrying out
work on the electrical system.
1. Battery main switch
Never break the circuit between the alternator and
the battery while the engine is running.
The main switches must never be disconnected
before the engine has been stopped.
If the circuit is broken while the engine is running,
the voltage
regulator can be destroyed and the alternator bad-
ly damaged.
Dis-/reconnection of the charging circuit should,
for the same reason, never be performed while the
engine is running. For simultaneous charging of
two independent battery circuits, a Volvo Penta
charging separator can be fitted to the standard
alternator (accessory).
2. Batteries
Never mix up the battery’s positive and negative
terminals when fitting batteries.
Incorrect installation can result in serious damage
to the electrical equipment.
Refer to the wiring diagram. The battery terminals
should be well cleaned and the terminal clamps
greased and properly tightened.
Fast charging of the batteries should be avoided.
If fast charging must be performed, the ordinary
battery cables must be removed first.
NOTE: Follow the appropriate safety regulations
when charging batteries.
During charging, the cell covers should be loosened
but not removed. Ventilate well, especially if the batte-
ries are charged in an enclosed space.
Always discontinue the charging current before dis-
connecting the charging clips.
WARNING! Never expose the battery area to
naked flame or electrical sparks. Never smoke
close to the batteries. The batteries generate
oxy-hydrogen gas when charged, which forms
an explosive gas when mixed with air. This gas
is easily ignited and highly explosive.
Always use protective goggles when charging and
handling the batteries.
Battery electrolyte contains sulfuric acid which is
highly corrosive.
Should the battery electrolyte come into contact with
unprotected skin wash off immediately using plenty of
water. If battery acid comes in contact with the eyes,
immediately flush with plenty of water and obtain med-
ical assistance at once.
3. If starting with the help of auxiliary batteries, see
”Starting with auxiliary batteries”.
4. Connecting extra equipment
All extra equipment shall be connected to a sepa-
rate connection box and correctly fused.
Extra power take-off directly from the instrument
panel should be avoided. The permitted extra take
off is however totally max. 5A (applies to all in-
strument panels to
Electric welding
Remove the positive and negative cables from the
Then disconnect all cables connected to the alterna-
Then remove the cable connection from the control
unit, see instructions in ”Control unit (EMS 2), re-
Always connect the welder ground clamp to the com-
ponent to be welded, and as close as possible to the
weld site. The clamp must never be connected to the
engine or in such a way that current can pass through
a bearing.
Important! After welding is finished, the discon-
nected components such as cable connectors,
alternator cables and battery cables must be re-
fitted in the correct order.

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