Group 23 EMS 2 Safety information
Always ensure that the Plus (positive) and Mi-
nus (negative) battery cables are correctly in-
stalled on the corresponding terminal posts on
the batteries. Incorrect installation can result in
serious damage to the electrical equipment. Re-
fer to the wiring diagram.
Always use protective goggles when charging
and handling the batteries. Battery electrolyte
contains sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive.
Should the battery electrolyte come into contact
with unprotected skin wash off immediately us-
ing plenty of water and soap. If battery acid
comes in contact with the eyes, immediately
flush with plenty of water and obtain medical as-
sistance at once.
Turn the engine off and turn off the power at the
main switch(es) before carrying out work on the
electrical system.
The clutch must be adjusted with the engine
shut off.
Use the lifting eyes fitted on the engine when
lifting the drive unit. Always check that the lift-
ing equipment used is in good condition and has
the load capacity to lift the engine (engine
weight including gearbox, if fitted, and any extra
equipment installed).
Use an adjustable lifting beam or lifting beam
specifically for the engine to raise the engine to
ensure safe handling and to avoid damaging en-
gine parts installed on the top of the engine. All
chains and cables should run parallel to each
other and as perpendicular as possible in rela-
tion to the top of the engine.
We reserve the right to make modifications without prior notice.
Printed on environmentally-friendly paper.

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