Group 23 EMS 2 Repair instructions
Repair instructions
The working methods described in the Workshop Man-
ual apply to work carried out in a workshop. The en-
gine has been removed and is installed in an engine
fixture. Unless otherwise stated reconditioning work
which can be carried out with the engine in place fol-
lows the same working method.
See chapter ”Safety information” where the meaning
of the warning signs used in the manual are explained
in detail.
are not comprehensive in any way, since we can not
of course foresee everything, because service work is
done in highly varying circumstances. For this reason,
all we can do is to point out the risks which we believe
could occur due to incorrect work in a well-equipped
workshop, using work methods and tools tested by
All operations described in the Workshop Manual for
which there are Volvo Penta Special Tools available
assume that these tools are used when carrying out
the repair. Volvo Penta Special Tools have been spe-
cifically developed to ensure the most safe and ratio-
nal working methods possible. It is therefore the re-
sponsibility of anyone using other tools or other work-
ing methods than we recommend to determine that
there is no risk of personal injury or mechanical dam-
age or malfunction as a result.
In some cases special safety precautions and user in-
structions may be required in order to use the tools
and chemicals mentioned in the Workshop Manual.
These rules must always be observed, so there are no
special instructions about this in the workshop manu-
By following these basic recommendations and using
common sense it is possible to avoid most of the
risks involved in the work. A clean work place and a
clean engine will eliminate many risks of personal inju-
ry and engine malfunction.
Especially when working on the fuel system, engine
lubrication system, air intake system, turbocharger
unit, bearing seals and seals, it is extremely important
to avoid dirt or foreign objects entering the parts or
systems, since this can result in reduced service life
or malfunctions.
Our common responsibility
Each engine consists of a large number of collaborat-
ing systems and components. Any deviation of a
component from its technical specification can dra-
matically increase the environmental impact of an oth-
erwise good engine. For this reason, it is extremely
important that specified wear tolerances are main-
tained, that systems with adjustment facilities are cor-
rectly adjusted and that Volvo Penta Original Spares
are used for the engine. The stated service intervals
in the Maintenance Schedule must be observed.
Some systems, such as the components in the fuel
system, require special expertise and special testing
equipment for service and maintenance. Some com-
ponents are sealed at the factory, for environmental
reasons etc. Under no circumstances attempt to ser-
vice or repair a sealed component unless the service
technician carrying out the work is authorized to do
Remember that most chemical products,
incorrectly used, damage the environment. Volvo Pen-
ta recommends the use of bio-degradable degreasing
agents for all cleaning of engine components unless
otherwise stated in the Workshop Manual. Pay special
attention to make sure that oils and washing residue
etc are handled correctly for destruction, and do not
unintentionally end up in nature.
The tightening torques for critical joints, which should
be tightened with a torque wrench, are listed in Tech-
nical data,Tightening Torques”, and are noted in the
task descriptions in the manual. All torque specifica-
tions apply to clean screws, screw heads and mating
faces. Torque data stated apply to lightly oiled or dry
threads. Where grease, locking or sealing agents are
required for screwed joints this is stated in both the
operation description and in ”Tightening Torques”.
Where no torque is stated for a joint use the general
torque shown in the following table. The torques stat-
ed are a guide and the joint does not have to be tight-
ened using a torque wrench.
Dimension Tightening torque
Nm lbf.ft.
M5 6 4.4
M6 10 7.4
M8 25 18.4
M10 50 36.9
M12 80 59.0
M14 140 103.3

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