Fuel Pressure, Check
88800070 Wrench
88890080 Manometer
From the high pressure pump Common Rail.
1 Clean all fuel lines, pumps and the rail.
Remove the pipes between the pumps and the
rail ( 2 pcs ).
Use wrench 8880 0070.
Connect pressure gauge 8889 0080 with two
hoses (1, 2) between one of the pumps and the
rail (unions will be required for the rail and the pipe
from the fuel pump).
2 Plug the open connection (1) on the rail with the
pressure gauge plug (an adapter will be required
for the plug).
Attach a ”spill pipe” (2) to the pump that is not
being tested.
Connect a hose and lead it to a vessel. Crank the
engine using the start motor and purge the pres-
sure measuring equipment.
3 Crank the engine with the start motor, or start the
engine, and read off the pressure.
4 Move the pressure testing equipment to the other
high pressure pump and repeat the same test on
this pump.
Compare the results to determine if either of the
pumps are defective.
5 Install new fuel pressure lines, between the
pumps and the rail.
Torque to: 25Nm
Use wrench 8880 0070.
23-0 Fuel System, General
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