10 Install a new seal ring on the sleeve. Lubricate it
with soapy water.
11 Fit the sleeve to the flanged tool.
Oil the tool pin.
NOTICE! The reamer is a spare part and may be
purchased separately as necessary. Tool part
number: 88880011.
Special tools: 88800198 Sleeve,
88880011 Broach
12 88800198 Sleeve
13 Press the copper sleeve down carefully using the
rim of the injector hole as a guide for the mandrel.
Using a plastic mallet, tap lightly until the sleeve
reaches its lowest point.
NOTICE! Use the unit injector yoke to steady the
tool. Torque to 30 Nm (22.1 lbf. ft.) to fasten the
sleeve properly.
Expand the sleeve by turning the nut while hold-
ing the spindle still.
Special tools: 88800198 Sleeve
23-7 Injectors and Delivery Pipes
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