Determining gasket thickness for the cylinder
34 Remove the cylinder liner press tools (8880
Cylinder head gaskets are marked (1) with one or
two holes in one corner. The gaskets must be
used for different piston heights above the engine
block top side.
The piston height above the engine block must be
measured at two points on all pistons.
Cylinder head gasket
35 Decide on cylinder head gasket.
Place spacing washers (3) and gauge (1) 999
8678 on the engine block sealing surface and set
the dial indicator (2) to ”0”.
36 Place the dial indicator on the piston at the meas-
urement points.
Read and note the value on the dial indicator at
the pistons highest position, top dead center.
NOTICE! All pistons should be measured at top
dead center in line with the piston pin.
21-0 Engine Complete, General
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